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Happy Holidays and Thanks for Reading TEBEJOWO BLOG!

We at tebejowo would like to wish all of our readers, subscribers, and customers a Happy Holidays! Thank you for your support and for making this site such a quick success since launching in June of this year. Wow, its seems like we launched a long time ago. It was actually just a few months back.
We’ve got more quality content planned throughout the rest of this holiday season. A couple milestones were passed on the site. We have more than 10 trip reports published on PLUS useful content keeps releasing with new pictures on a weekly basis. We almost crossed the 1,000 subscriber mark. Yes, we’ve got a lot to be happy for during this holiday season!
Enjoy the snow for those of you in winterland. I think the holidays is the only time I miss the beautiful underwater landscapes Karimun Jawa. I’ll have to imagine that the white beach sand down here in Pulau Tidung as a snowy landscape I suppose.
Thanks for making 2010 a great year! Feel free to leave any suggestions for changes or improvements to tebejowo in the comments, as now is a great time for reflection, and evaluating possible additions for next year!
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