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Private Tour Pramuka, Semak Daun, Air and Tidung Island

We’d set up a special trip for our special client who need an enjoyable and private trip to Thousand Island, Jakarta which include Pramuka, Semak Daun, Air and Tidung Island (also Payung Island if possible) in just one trip! This also include a special lunch or dinner in best restaurant in the area.
Below is the the arrangement:

1.         Pramuka Island
Exciting tour to visit a small island with turtle conservation located in Thousand Island, north part of Jakartai. It is an optional experience to visit the scarce animal like turtle in the beautiful island surrounded by the white sand and overlooking to the magnificent view of beach and mangrove forest. Pramuka Island is a small delta fully covered by white sand that is ideally for turtle conservation.

2.         Semak Daun Island
A small island (only 15 min to walk around it) near Pramuka island. Beautiful underwater scenery & life with cute little fishy and gorgeous coral.

3.         Air Island (not Ayer Island J)
Has beautiful white sandy beach, turquoise clear water, corals reef formation and teeming with interesting marine life make this island and surrounding popularly known as the best snorkel and diving site, and a paradise for scuba diving enthusiast. Look at below under water scenery in this island during snorkel.

4.         Dining at Nusa Resto
When you're looking for the best in seafood dining in and around Thousand Island, Jakarta, you have to come into Nusa Resto.

 Whether you want to enjoy our delicious seafood cuisine in this restaurant or order takeout, you'll know from one bite that you've found your catch of the day in this restaurant. The fish is the freshest, our menu is extensive and your taste buds will thank you and beg you to come back for more.
This resto also has sharkin cavity area for guest to see and photograpgh with and small souvenir shopping

5.       Tidung  Island
Watching sunrise and sunset at the dock
There are two islands name Tidung: Big Tidung and small Tidung, but only big Tidung is inhabited by people. They built a bridge to connect the big and small Tidung. From this bridge who also function as the dock, we can watch the beautiful sunrise and the sunset.

Secluded beach
Here is the secluded beach at the outer part of big Tidung island, the beach is quiet and the water is still very clear. The white sand is so pure and soft. A perfect place to sit down and enjoying the breeze and the singing of the waves for a while.

BONUS: Payung Island: Exotic private island
Payung island is located not too far from the Tidung island, about 25 minutes by boat. See around, swim or snorkeling also a gorgeous under water scenery.

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