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Trip Tidung & Pramuka 9-10-11 Februari 2011

This trip is made for our guests from Germany who needs to spend a quality vacation in Jakarta before leaving this "dangerously beautiful" country on Sunday. An enjoyable trip to Thousand Island, Jakarta which include Pramuka, Semak Daun, Pualu Air and Tidung Island in just one trip.

Below is some of their great time captured.


PS: Nia, it's been a great pleasure to serve you and we'll be waiting for your next visit to Jakarta. 

Tebejowo Jowotebe

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Nia Susanti
February 25, 2011 at 8:24 AM delete

Great to see our pictures posted there ! Definitely will recommend to our friends about Tebejowo Island adventure.
Thank you very much for all the hospitality and please send our regards to Mr. Matthew !

Axel & Nia